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Tempered glass for VIVO V17 Pro with anti-fingerprint coating | Ultra-thin tempered glass for VIVO V17 Pro | Best tempered glass for VIVO V17 Pro with full coverage

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Mohammad Sadique
Mohammad Sadique
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Our business is pleased to provide premium tempered glass covers with an anti-fingerprint coating for the VIVO V17 Pro. We will go into great detail about our tempered glass protector in this article and explain why it is the finest option for shielding the screen of your device. Our objective is to arm you with all the knowledge you require to choose a tempered glass protector for your VIVO V17 Pro wisely.

Advantages and Features

Our tempered glass protector is created with premium components that are intended to offer optimum protection for the screen of your device. The anti-fingerprint coating keeps the screen smudge-free and makes it simple to clean. Furthermore scratch-resistant, the glass will shield your gadget from damage for a very long time.

Protection and Robustness

Our tempered glass protector is made to offer the screen of your device the best possible protection. It is built of high-quality, scratch- and break-resistant materials. This means that even in the case of an unintentional drop or collision, it will offer your device long-lasting protection. The greatest hardness level for tempered glass protectors, 9H, is also included in the tempered glass protector. As a result, it is incredibly robust and resistant to cracks and scratches. The protector can help prevent your device’s screen from shattering or cracking because it is made to absorb the shock of blows.

Fingerprint-Resistant Coating

An anti-fingerprint layer on our tempered glass protector keeps the screen smudge-free and simple to wipe. Even after prolonged use, the screen will remain spotless and clear thanks to the coating’s ability to repel oils and fingerprints.Further contributing to the screen’s overall visibility improvement is the anti-fingerprint coating. It guarantees that you can view the screen properly even in direct sunshine or other difficult lighting conditions by minimising the amount of smearing and fingerprinting.


In conclusion, the best option for shielding your device’s screen is our tempered glass protector for the VIVO V17 Pro with an anti-fingerprint coating. It is constructed with high-quality components, is simple to install, and offers the best defence against dings and impacts. The anti-fingerprint coating keeps the screen smudge-free and simple to wipe, allowing you to use your smartphone to its maximum potential without being interrupted. Get our tempered glass protector right away to keep the screen of your device in excellent condition for many years to come.

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