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iPhone 10/11 Pro tempered glass screen protector | Super D tempered glass for iPhone 10/11 Pro | iPhone 10/11 Pro tempered glass protection


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How to Choose the Best iPhone 10/11 Pro: The Ultimate Guide Screen Protector for Tempered Glass

You understand the value of protecting your investment if you possess an iPhone 10 or 11 Pro. Even after years of use, a tempered glass screen protector will keep your phone’s screen looking brand-new. But how can you pick the finest one for your phone when there are so many options available?We’ll break down the important things you should take into account when choosing a tempered glass screen protector for your iPhone 10 or 11 Pro in this tutorial. We’ll go over every detail, including the type of material used, so you can locate the finest phone protection and make an informed choice.


The performance of a tempered glass screen protector depends on the material used to build it. Tempered glass and soda-lime glass are the two most widely used materials. Although soda-lime glass is the most popular type of screen protector, it is also the most fragile. Contrarily, tempered glass is more robust and long-lasting, making it a superior option for protection.

Hardness and Thickness

A tempered glass screen protector’s thickness and hardness are also crucial. Although a thicker protector may be more difficult to apply, it will offer stronger defence against cracks and scratches. A thinner protector, on the other hand, will be simpler to apply but won’t provide as much security. The protector’s hardness is quantified by its hardness rating, which is a gauge of how resistant it is to dings and cracks. The protector will offer more protection the higher the hardness rating.


It’s critical to take into account the screen protector’s material, thickness, hardness, optical clarity, touch sensitivity, and ease of installation when selecting tempered glass for your iPhone 10 or 11 Pro. You can get the best protection for your phone and maintain the pristine condition of your screen for years to come by taking into account these important elements.

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