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Back Cover Vivo Y200 5G Camera Bump Protection, Fabric Lining, Rubberised Cover, Inner Velvet, Ultra Slim Matte Soft

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Mohammad Sadique
Mohammad Sadique
Very good site low cost and low price

Concerning this item
DISCLAIMER: Only works with the Vivo Y200 (5G) mobile phone.
ANTI-SHATTER: Shock absorption protection against bumps and drops that are advanced. The screen and camera bump are shielded by raised lips. A distinctive style with silky smoothness Carbon fiber texture, glossy highlights, and brushed texture.

PERFECT CUT-OUTS: The speakerphone, microphone, headphone jack, camera lens, and user interface are all fully accessible. A distinctive style with a carbon fiber feel, shiny highlights, and a smooth, brushed silk touch. Washable case, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and simple to install and remove. Flexible and rip-resistant design for heat dissipation.
EXCELLENT PROTECTION: The ultra-slim and lightweight design shields your priceless investment from dings and scratches.
ANTI-SCRATCH: Chic, shield your priceless investment against dings and dents

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