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Samsung A14 5G Flip Cover | Samsung A14 4G Flip Cover | Puloka Flip Cover Leather Finish | Inbuilt Stand & Pockets | Magnetic Closure, Shockproof Wallet Style, Cover


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Mohammad Sadique
Mohammad Sadique
Very good site low cost and low price

Samsung A14 5G Flip Cover

Name: Samsung A14 5G Flip Cover The hue black
Models that work with it: Samsung A14 5G
Artificial leather as a material
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heme: Absent
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It Is A Great, Lightweight Option For Protecting Your Valuable Gadget And Is Made Of 100% Premium Material. Without taking it out of the case, you have complete access to all of the buttons. The case is undoubtedly an essential accessory for daily needs and feels almost like a second skin.
India is the origin country.
High-quality materials were used to make the case. It is expertly crafted. The gadget is securely fastened inside the holster. The case also guards against ejection, scratches, and other small harm to the Mobile.With our carefully curated selection of mobile accessories, turn your smartphone into a Super Phone.This Cover has been especially created to offer your smartphone a distinctive appearance.The delicate electronic component within your phone is protected by this case.After all, your phone is a piece of technology.More than merely protecting, this case also conceals the fact that you are still rocking the Original One.

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Samsung Galaxy A14 (5G) model
Product Weight: 140 Grams; Measurements: 16.77 x 7.8 x 0.91 cm
Model number of the item: Samsung Galaxy A14 (5G)

Smartphone Hardware Platform CompatibilityParticular Features of the PhoneFlip Cover Only; Shock-Absorbent Mounting Hardware
One (1) Standing screen display size measuring 6.6 inches; no batteries needed; no material other than faux leather; form factor: basic case
Producer CEDO
Origin Country: India; Item Weight: 140 g