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Samsung 25W PD Adapter Type-C To Type-C Adaptive | Type-C Single Port, Fast Mobile Charger With 1 Mt Cable White (Cable not Included)


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Mohammad Sadique
Mohammad Sadique
Very good site low cost and low price

Concerning this item
No charging cable is included. Compatible with Every Common Type-C USB Cable, Including Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Lightning Cables, etc. Use genuine Samsung cables, which are available for separate purchase, for best results. Enjoy the flexibility that USB-C compatible cables provide. To charge the many mobile devices you own, you can switch up the types of cables you use. Simply insert a cable? The adapter that is plugged into your wall outlet doesn’t need to be changed.

Savour the versatility of USB Type-C; charge quickly to stay prepared.

Provide Your Smartphones With The Robust And Secure Charging Assistance They Soufer. This wall charger allows for incredibly quick charging of USB-C Pd 3.0 Pps devices at a maximum power of 25W. Thus, You Won’t Run Out of Included Components for Long. Wall Charger with User Guide; Corded Electric Power Source

Weight0.025 g
Dimensions12 × 14 × 4 cm